How can your business help?

Women's Refuge helps in many ways, through Safe Nights but also through other services within communities:


For businesses wanting to make a difference, GoGenerosity is an easy way to amplify your reach and impact, especially when budgets are tight. It gives your customers a way to pay-it-forward small donations while shopping with you. Every little bit helps, and it’s incredible to see how small donations add up when we all do it together. Head to their website or check out their feed to get an idea of how they work and the amazing impact we can have when we all work together.

Payroll Giving

Promote charitable giving in your workplace by offering your employees the opportunity to donate directly from their pay. By participating in payroll giving, employees can nominate an amount each payday to go towards their chosen charity, receiving an immediate tax credit that reduces their PAYE.
To support our charity, simply inform your staff about this convenient and impactful way to give. Together, we can make a significant difference.

Shielded Site

The Shielded Site is simple to add to any company website and is designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile. By including the Shielded Site tab on your website, you’ll be helping victims living with domestic violence to safely and instantly speak to a social worker without leaving a digital footprint. We invite all New Zealand businesses – or anyone who manages their own website – to get involved. You can add the shielded site icon to your website.

Donating Goods to Your Local Refuge

As a business you can support women’s refuge by donating goods and essential items to your local refuge. These donations provide much-needed support to women and children in crisis.Items that are good to donate include:
Mobile phones | Toiletries | Cleaning products | Nappies and wipes
Women’s and children’s clothes | Non-perishable foods | Toilet paper

To find the contact details of your local refuge to discuss the drop-off of your donations, go to the Find Your Local Refuge page on our website.

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